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Local Attorney Discovers Safe Families for her Client

The majority of the work my firm focuses on is Family Law and Criminal Law. In my capacity as an attorney, I deal with a lot of clients who are unable to secure funding for the help they need.

I recently had a client who had to go to jail for a period of 30 days to 180 days for failing to turn herself in. The client was distraught and concerned for the safety of her children. The client was a single mom who cared for 2 small children. One of the children had special needs and her family and the child’s father were unable and unwilling to care for the child. In the process of working through what needed to be done my client told me about a program called Safe Families for Children.

This program helped this client tremendously. Safe Families could provide a temporary place for her children while she went into jail to take care of her legal problems. Without this program, I am afraid the children would have been placed with the Department of Social Services and getting the children back would have been more strain and stress on this client.

I am happy that I could use these services and am sure that in the future there will be a need from a client which can be addressed by the Safe Families program.

Katie Johnson PLLC, Attorney at Law